Exhibition Information:

Artist: Amy Duran

Exhibition: Love Houses

Media: clay, mixed-media

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: polkadot.pony

About the Artist:

Amy Duran is currently a senior undergrad student at CalState Long Beach working towards obtaining her BFA in Ceramics from the School of Art’s Ceramics program. She plans on graduating after spring semester. After graduating, Duran has no plans on attending graduate school and would like to get an internship at Pixar for sculpture. All her life, Duran has been interested in sculpting but when she’s not doing that she decorates cake at her workplace, paints, or watches her favorite fantasy movies such as Harry Potter.


Duran’s exhibition consisted of her works in Love Houses where she collaborated with her friend Luis Casas and her sculpture work with the wolf, girl, and man. Her collaboration with her friend inspired the name “Love Houses” as his last name, “Casas” means house and her name “Amy” means love. Love Houses consisted of multiple detailed vases covered in roses and ornaments that could be hung up for the holidays. The detailed roses on the pottery was done by Duran through the same methods she uses to decorate her cakes when she works. Her sculpture containing the wolf, girl, and the man is a reference to fantasy stories and instead of just having her own idea of the story told, she also wants viewers to create their own stories from her work.

Walking in and seeing Amy Duran’s work caught my eye immediately. The detail of the roses she placed on the pottery reminded of when I took ceramics back in high school and liked to put roses on the things I would make. Her skill for cake decorating can be seen in her roses because they were all precise and identical on the pottery. I found it interesting that cake decorating methods could be used in ceramics. Duran’s love for fantasy stories could be seen in her sculpture work which referenced the story of little red riding hood.

Roses are one of the my favorite flowers and I really enjoy seeing them on household items wether they are painted on or piped on because I think it adds beauty to the common household item. I enjoyed Duran’s work because the roses she did were so precise and perfect and added beautiful detail to the pottery. I also find it nice to possible put flowers inside a vase decorated with them as well.