I would like to start off by saying that this class has been the highlight of my semester. Professor Glen Zucman is a fun and amazing instructor. I always had a good time when it came to that class and always left class happy.

My favorite activities were the graffiti drawing, landscapes with a corpse, and the art care package. I really enjoyed how graffiti drawing and landscapes with a corpse pushed me to come out of my bubble more and be a bit more adventurous and take more chances. I’m glad I decided to be adventurous and go to Venice for the graffiti activity because I got to not only try my hand at graffiti art but also see the diversity I don’t normally see at home. The art care package made me really think about symbolism and deeper meanings which was nice because sometimes I think we tend to forget about those things as we bury ourselves with work. My least favorite activities would be the automatic drawing, plaster casting, sketching in the Japanese Garden.

I enjoyed the hybrid format because it allowed me to interact with my fellow classmate and my professor

I think the classmates conversations were fun especially because we were a hybrid class so it was a bit harder to talk to classmates sometimes but I think the conversations we had to do helped fill the gap. It was nice meeting classmates from different majors and learning about them.

I enjoyed doing the art blogs because it allowed be to see the art my classmates did and their thoughts on it as well which was nice to see and read.

I enjoyed the art talk because since it was online it allowed people to not only have time to gather their ideas and put in into one post but it also was good because some people are shy and find it difficult to share ideas and opinions in front of a class.