This week I had the pleasure of meeting Marlene Rodriguez for the classmate conversation. Marlene is currently a 2nd year Speech Pathology major here at CalState Long Beach and is from Hispanic dissent. Everyday, she commutes to school from Downey, California. When she isn’t at school, she works at the Costco optometry office. During our conversation, I found out that we had a common interest in our love for dogs–it’s her favorite animal (and is mine too). Her favorite food to eat is pizza and her favorite color is anything that is a neutral color. Marlene has one sibling, an older brother. When it comes to the question of the week, she believes that school in 2036 will be different from todays schooling as it will be mostly online or involve teachers speaking through a TV. She hopes that by then there will be less or no debt for students as the government will be able to provide and support the educational costs for college students.