This week I met Cindy Le in class and we did a classmate conversation together! Cindy is currently a 2nd year Pre-Biology major here at CalState Long Beach. Like most student at this school, Cindy commutes. In the future, she wants to work in the Bio Research field so she can do work outdoors. In her spare time, one of the things Cindy likes to do is play the violin, which she has been playing for 7 years. Other things that Cindy enjoys doing is drawing (she especially likes to draw dragons) and eating. She has two younger siblings, one sister and one brother, making her the oldest. During our conversation, we both discovered that we both like dogs. Cindy plans on getting dogs someday and wants to name them Belka and Galtero. For this weeks question about which pill we would choose if given the choice, Cindy said she would choose the red pill which would show her the truth. She would choose the red pill because she loves to learn and if given the chance to learn about something no one knows about, she would take it.