This week for our classmate conversation, I met Hannah Adams! Hannah is a super nice person and is very easy to talk to. Currently, she is a second year Biology Education major here at CalState Long Beach and plans to become a biology teacher. At first, she considered being an occupational therapist, like her mother, but soon after shadowing the career she decided that it wasn’t for her. Her decision to become a biology teacher is due to her love for all things science. In her spare time Hannah likes to draw and look up new animals (anything without a backbone). Some TV shows she likes to watch are Stranger Things, Person of Interest, Supernatural, and X-Files. When it comes to the question of the week, Hannah thinks the topic of fan art is a broad topic and it should be appreciated for the effort an individual puts in. She believes the right of free speech also applies to art since it is a way for once to express ones view and send a message. Individuals should be allowed to exert their freedom to draw what they want even though it might cause offense to the person especially if it is found offensive because love and hate is part of what one receives as a celebrity.