I think that the term “social network” applies to my real life and my realize friends because I see them as the network of people that I personally socialize with. Through real life friends, I can network and meet new people in real life at events and gathering set up on online and mobile tools.

I suppose to some people, Dunbar’s Number makes sense, depending on how sociable and outgoing they are. Personally, I’m a shy and introverted person so 15o truly meaningful relationships seem too large a number for me seeing as I don’t socialize much or enough to reach 150. Also, for me to have a truly meaningful relationship means to open up and being introverted, I usually prefer to hold things back, making it hard for me to open up to a lot of people. So, by being who I am, I don’t see sense in Dunbar’s Number.

Having Facebook “friends” within the thousands can show popularity and sociability, I think. But most of those people are those who don’t have meaning–they are those who you meet once and add, never to meet again or remember each other. But there is a small number of close friends in there too. Those are the people who I use Facebook the most for, either to tag them in a funny post or to message them in a single or group chat to make future plans or just talk.

When I saw the social networks made, I was surprised how many different ways I knew people. Normally, I don’t look back on how I met someone (I actually forget sometimes) so it was interesting to see how I met them and reflect on how our relationship grew from that point.

My personal number would most likely be 10 considering how introverted I am and how hard it is for me to open up to others. I think 10 would be a good number of people to have in ones life–10 trustworthy people who you can easily talk to and open up to.

I do have a lot more friends than those who I truly consider my friends. Those extra friends I have are usually those I’ve met  before through school and organizations but have never gotten close to or have drifted away form. These weak ties haven’t brought me new resources but they help me work on socializing more and being more outgoing with people as I sometimes talk and catch up with them.