Exhibition Information:

Artist: Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition: Oddments 

Media: Mixed Media

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: aliciakeyworth.com

Instagram: aliciakeyworth

About the Artist:

Alicia Keyworth, who grew up in Southern California, is currently a senior undergraduate student at CalState Long Beach working towards obtaining her BFA from the School of Art’s Fiber program. After graduating, she does not plan on attending graduate school since she is also obtaining her teaching credential for kindergarten to 12th grade. Key worth also has an art teaching credential. In the future, Keyworth would like to collaborate with a fashion company such as Eileen Fisher and Patagonia. She created her exhibition Oddments with scraps she noticed from taking out the trash as lab technician for the fiber department.


Keyworth’s exhibition, Oddments, consisted of fashionable works she created with scrap pieces she has collected over time.  Her pieces include vests, poncho like tops, and other clothing articles that had an almost bohemian like feel to it with its more rugged style. The exhibition also consists of pillow/bean bag chair like pieces stuffed with clothing that was tossed away which were called “landfills.” The “landfills” and clothing pieces she had in the exhibit were a matching set with the fabrics and patterns matching each other.

Being a lab technician of the fiber department and seeing discard pieces as she took out the trash led her to question if each and every piece was being put fully to use. She used this question as inspiration for her exhibition as she took things are were discarded with the idea of not being of use anymore and turned it into something beautiful. The way in which people discard things easily once they serve their respected purpose is harmful towards the environment and by finding new, innovative, and beautiful ways to use leftovers is a good way to remain environmentally friendly towards the only planet we have, which is why Keyworth believes that through her exhibition which only uses discarded pieces she is playing a part in helping the environment.

Keyworth’s questioning of items being used to their full potential before being thrown out is something that really drew me towards her exhibition. Living in a well off middle class area in the United States has left a lot of us spoiled. Most of the things we have only serve a single purpose and once the purpose is no longer needed, the item is considered trash. But most things we consider trash have a multitude of other uses. For example, plastic water bottles are only seen as a one time use item where a person drinks all the water in it and throws it away afterwards. This cycle of one time use and tossing it away puts our environment at risk especially when the bottles are carelessly thrown away, leading the plastic to end up in the ocean. With just a pair of succors and some creativity , the water bottle can serve as a new home for plants and with some yarn, it can even lead to a cute little hanging garden.