I decided to send a care package to my friend Cindy who is currently an aspiring Biology major a CalState Long Beach. Inside my care package I put:

  • A periodic table
  • Some movie tickets
  • A small notebook
  • A little drawing that I did
  • An expired Disneyland Pass

I put the periodic table in there just in case she ever forgets her lab manual and needs to reference back to it for Chemistry purposes. I put the movie tickets in there to remind her of all the fun times we had together at the movies–when times get rough in school, I hope it reminds her that her friends are there for her and that life is fun and happy. The expired Disney Pass is there to remind of one of our favorite places and is a promise to her that we’ll go together sometimes. I placed a cute little notebook in there for her to jog some things down when she has sudden thoughts–the good and the bad. Lastly, I decided to give her a drawing that consisted of a quote from the Disney movie “Mulan” that I consistently like to quote around her and our friends along with a drawing of one of the characters from an anime movie called “Howl’s Moving Castle” to remind her of me and all our friends because I believe that everyone needs a reminder that they’re not alone.

Sending someone a ACP is similar to sending someone a snapchat because its personalized to that one person–like something shared just between the two of you. It can also be different from a snapchat because snapchats are not meant to be infinite and remain int their possession forever (unless they screenshot it) instead, snapchats only exist for a maximum of 10 seconds before it is gone forever. I’m an extremely sentimental person so I think ephemera is precious. I think they’re precious for what not they are, but for what they represent and for the memories they’ll forever hold. I think they can definitely gain value over time since vintage things can now go for a lot of money. To me, there is a difference between art seen by many people in comparison to art seen by few because art seen by many people pertains to something many people can see and understand while art seen by few can be understood by only a few select people. I believe that time and distance does mean something because when something takes less time to give and receive not much effort nor meaning has to be packed into it–the meaning can be built through multiple things like snapchat which is one of the reasons it can be better. When it comes to large amounts of time and larger distances, a lot of effort is put into them in order to ensure everything in it has meaning since it takes such a long time to arrive which is one of the reasons that makes it better–theres a bunch of meaning in it all at once. An ACP definitely contains a love thats different from snapchat. Snapchat is usually used for jokes and fun while and ACP can be a multitude of things from deep and meaningful to funny. The many possibilities that an ACP has makes it love different from snapchat in the sense that one can express so much through it.