This week the class went to the Japanese Garden located on campus to do some sketching! Three representative (top three) and three abstract (bottom three) drawings were done. For my representative drawings I did them all at different areas in the garden, all overlooking the pond. One was when I walked directly into the garden where I saw the patio. Another was one that allowed a view of the bridge of the garden and lastly another was when I walked over the bridge and looked at the little island on the right side of the pond.

For the abstract pieces, it was a little hard because I couldn’t see the garden for anything else but the beauty that it already was. But what I ended up seeing was the infinite and continual movement of the water which is why I drew infinity signs as the ripples. I also saw hearts on the tails of the fish because I believe that love is what keeps life moving. Lastly I saw something that reminded me of “Grandmother Willow” from the Disney movie Pocahontas so I tried to draw the tree being protectively over the small stone house similar to how the “Grandmother Willow” was a protective figure toward Pocahontas.