Hello! This week, the class went to the Japanese Garden for our weekly art project and I got to meet Monica! She’s super friendly and down to earth and also loves dogs! Her favorite dog is the golden retriever and she currently has a chihuahua and dachshund mix. Despite living in California and near the coast, she doesn’t know how to swim (same here, I can’t swim at all). Currently, Monica is a 3rd year business major at CSULB and isn’t fully sure of what she wants to do but is sure that she wants to be in the business field. When it comes to the future and kids, she doesn’t mind if her child wants to major in art and wants them to find their own path and wants them to be who they are. An art piece she would like to share with the class is the large blue balloon dog from the Broad Museum. While most balloon dogs are a small and portable size, the one from the Broad is definitely not. The art piece is also made of a sturdy solid material rather than the typical rubber elastic of balloon animals. How the art piece and the real thing can look so similar but be different at the same time is why Monica wanted to share the art piece. Like the typical young adult in our generation, both Monica and I share similar first pages on our phone which mostly consisted of social media apps and text apps which we use to keep in touch with our loved ones and friends.