Never in my life did I imagine myself going out to graffiti a wall. Albeit, it was legal to do but still, if anyone told small and younger past me that I’d one day go out to graffiti a wall in Venice there’s a 10/10 chance that I would’ve laughed and disagreed (because I’m a total goody goody).  Yet, here I am pictured next to my first (and probably not last) graffiti piece at the Venice Art Walls. The experience was daunting at first as I examined all the wonderful works done by people with just cans of spray paint–I didn’t think I could do anything that was worthy to be on the same wall as theirs but I gave it a shot anyway and had a blast! After finishing my graffiti work, I explored Venice Beach a little and one of my stops was Small World Books which is where I found a book on Donald Trump that gave me a good laugh. Small World Books was such a cute and comfy place with its own residential cat! Venice Beach is one of the most lively and diverse places I’ve been too and I’ll definitely be coming back in the near future!