Hello! So, this weeks art activity was automatic drawing and I’ve got to say it was both uncomfortable and relaxing at the same time. Everyday, life is lived out on a planned schedule; we always try to plan out the next thing coming our way such as the assignments we do, the food we eat, the friends we go out with and so on. So doing an assignment that was to be done on the spot without my eyes to plan out where to steer the pen next was truthfully haunting. First, my friend Cindy and I dove straight in and starting drawing aimlessly with our eyes closed and hands interlocked using color after color (since we wanted to do something colorful). Once we were done, we both examined our work and saw hidden things in our work that we decided to outline and bring to focus (kinda like how we can see different things in clouds as we cloud watch) and colored in a couple spots just for the fun of it. Lastly, we both wanted to add a little bit of ourselves into the project, so we added some drawings of the things we liked and happily ended up with the piece pictured here!