Exhibition Information:

Artist: May Ta


Media: Digital Media, Ink Jet Printer, Ink, Acrylic, Pastel

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi

Website: mayptal8@gmail.com

Instagram: maypta

About the Artist:

May Ta is currently an undergraduate student at CalState Long Beach working towards her BFA degree from the School of Art’s Illustration Program. She plans on graduating after this final semester at CalState Long Beach and plan on taking one year off before applying for graduate school. Currently, the graduate schools she has her eyes on are: UC Berkley, USC, and CalState Long Beach. Out of the three, she personally leans towards CalState Long Beach as her preferred graduate school. In the past, Ta experimented with sculpture before choosing to do illustration. According to Ta, what caused illustration to be her art form of choice was her love for storytelling. Her love for storytelling can be see in her piece Windows as she depicts multiple pictures framed to look like one is peering into another’s window and through that, a story can be seen. According to Ta, she wanted to create visual eye illusions for her piece and create a connection between the viewer and the art piece as the view can see through the window and into the lives of those pictured in her work.


May Ta’s work consisted multiple types of media such as digital media, ink jet printer, acrylic,ink, and pastel. She had multiple pieces within the gallery including her pieces Him and His which depicted a man cloaked in the darkness of the room he was in standing in front of an open door which was allowed the light from outside said door shine in a bit casting a shadow of the man and Windows which created an illusion of peering into another life as they were multiples illustrations of peoples lives behind closed doors all framed by window like frames (both digital media, ink jet printer). Both of these pieces were made with dark and neutral colors and contained a dark and mysterious aura around them.

May Ta’s love for storytelling could be seen within her art pieces. When it comes to her art pieces, a picture truly says a thousand words. What drew me towards her pieces were the clear and concise ways they all said something. Her pieces Him and His and Windows were the ones that stood out to me the most with their somber and dark auras that I couldn’t tear my eyes away from. Both pieces allowed me to peer into the personal lives of those in her art pieces without feeling intrusive. I felt as if her works gave me a backdoor entrance into the parts of life one doesn’t see normally. I was able to experience the behind the scenes lives of one that was not my own and it allowed me to formulate a put together a story in a way that explained why the particular picture showed what it did.