Greetings! Hello! This week for our classmate conversation I made a friend and his name is Tommy Duong! Tommy is currently a 2nd year student here at CalState Long Beach as a Health Science and Social Work major. What made him decide to enter his chosen major is his love and passion for helping people. When it comes to hobbies, Tommy enjoys photography, graphic design, gaming. Back in high school, he was a photographer for multiple school clubs, taking board portraits/group photos and was even the photographer for a school event called “Rags to Runaway.” Some of the games he likes to play is Pandemic and Exploding Kittens. When he’s feeling a bit peckish and hungry, Tommy go to food is Korean barbecue. So, if you’re ever craving some Korean barbecue, hit Tommy up! He’s super down to earth, friendly, and funny! Check out his blog here:

This week for our weekly question, we were able to create our own and Tommy and I decided on the topic of art museums (have we been to one? Which is our favorite and why?).  For Tommy, he has only been to one art museum which was the Broad. Since he has only seen the Broad, he can’t say it’s his favorite but his favorite piece within the museum is the ever popular “infinity room.” The “infinity room” wasn’t exactly as large as he thought it would be as the small room it was in was surrounded by mirrors and water to create an illusion of it being an “infinite” place.