This weeks concept was imagining our own deaths and I decided to give the idea of death by car a try. Creating this photo project was by far one of the most interesting yet awkward things I’ve done since I started college and I gotta say it was both embarrassing and exhilarating at the same time. I got a few questioning glances as I played dead on the parking lot road trying to get the right angle but nonetheless, it was fun! Someone even played along with my  tragic “death” by giving an “oh no!” as I pretended to be hit by a car. The idea came to me as my friends and I discussed a common joke among college students; the “I need money for school, hit me” joke everyone talks about as we discuss our ever diminishing and basically non existent bank accounts. Its almost depressing to think that students find insurance money a silver lining when it comes to injury when more often than not it can lead to fatality.