Hey! Wassup! Hello! This week I got the pleasure to meet Raylyn Diep in class during our classmate conversation! Raylyn is a 2nd year student here at CalState Long Beach and is a currently undeclared major but plans to become a biochemistry major. As Raylyn and I talked, it turned out that we have some things in common such as we both aspire to one day work in the medical field and dreamed of being doctors as children! What she specifically wants to do is attend UCLA dental school and become an Orthodontist offering everything from regular cleanings to braces. A hobby she enjoys doing is watching Netflix, more specifically, Dexter which is a pretty addicting show to watch (I binge watched it in a month). When she’s hungry, Raylyn’s go to food is Asian food with her favorites being Korean and Chinese. She’s super sweet and nice so be sure to say hello and check her out at:!

When it comes to the question of whether or not art is important in today’s world, Raylyn believes that it is definitely important. She believes that today is the time for social media to reign supreme and art plays a large role in it as people document and share every day life adventures in aesthetically pleasing photos on sites such as Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook.