Wednesday marked the first meeting of my Art 110 class! In class, we did a couple group activities to meet and get to know some classmates which is how I met Brandon Hong. Brandon is a 4th year Civil Engineering student here at CalState Long Beach which means he’s really good at math (unlike myself). In addition to being a student, Brandon also works at the Japanese Garden that can be found on campus! So maybe if you find yourself enjoying the Japanese Garden one day and see him around, stop and say hello! He’s a kind and friendly person who enjoys to play tennis so be sure to say hi and get to know him–who knows, maybe you’ll end up playing a round of tennis together. Check out his blog here:!

When it comes to where Brandon draws the line at what he considers art, we both share the same idea that anything can be art as long as there is effort put into the piece. When there is effort, the message the art piece represents can be clearly interpreted by the viewer. Even something like trash can become a work of art if there is an effort put into it in order to have it proclaim a certain message.